Hi there! I’m Eveline, but some of you may know me as Eve the Econista. My sustainable journey began when I participated in the “Days without meat” campaign. It must have been the year 2014. I went from being a flexitarian to banning all meat, poultry and fish from my diet. Nowadays I try to eat less dairy products as well. I’m vegan by day, vegetarian by night.

The more I learned about the impact of our food, the more I realized I could improve the ecological footprint of my other lifestyle activities as well. In 2017 I allowed myself to buy only one new item of clothing or jewelry each month. After two years of this strict regime, I started to focus more on where my clothes were coming from. I don’t limit myself to a certain amount of items anymore, but I only buy secondhand clothes and shop my jewels locally. I am lucky enough to live in Ghent, Belgium, where there are plenty of stores selling ecofriendly products and zero waste alternatives. Living in this green city has certainly helped me in my quest for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Have I found the key to a perfectly sustainable lifestyle? I still have a car and cannot promise I will never take an airplane again. Not all of the products I use for my hair are 100% natural or package free. That’s the thing… We can’t save the world with a handful of people doing it perfectly. We need everyone to join the effort as much as they can. Here’s what I do promise. I will keep experimenting and I’ll keep looking for sustainable alternatives that work for me. Will you do the same?

Social Media

I use my social media platforms to inform, inspire and entertain. I firmly believe that storytelling and humor can help spread the message about sustainability. Expect songs, parodies and winks to pop culture on my feed.

My content is for everyone: from those who have just started to dip their toes in the pool of all things sustainable, to the experts who don’t mind a reminder and a giggle from time to time. I sure need a reminder from time to time myself!

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I put a lot of time and effort into my content. Paid collaborations allow me to keep doing what I love to do. That being said, I am very selective and will only work with ethical and sustainable brands or organizations. As I am not perfect myself, I don’t expect perfection from my partners. I do expect transparency, efforts and a long-term vision. I love and respect all of my followers. If my content is sponsored, I will always clearly indicate so.

Eco Tours

I joined the Mixua team in 2019. Since then, I’ve been guiding Eco Tours in Gent. If you want to book a private Eco Tour for you and your friends and family, check out the Mixua website. I would love to take you on a walk through Gent and show you all of the eco-friendly stores and restaurants the city has to offer! It’s a fun group activity, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for something to do for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or teambuildings. Mention my name if you want me as a tour guide!

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