Books, Documentaries & Podcasts

I like to read books about sustainability and watch documentaries, to remind myself of the importance of sustainable life choices. Do you sometimes lack motivation or are you here because you want to (further) educate yourself? Here’s a list with my recommendations.


  • Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Foer
    Don’t be fooled by the title, this book is actually about why we should do the exact opposite of eating animals. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart. JSF describes what happens in the meat industry and does not hold back.
  • Material Matters – Thomas Rau
    This book was my first introduction to the concept of ownership. What if we borrowed our stuff from producers instead of buying it? Imagine the quality of those products!
  • Stuffocation – James Wallman
    We have too much stuff, and it’s not even making us happy. Do you want to turn your back on materialism? This book helps! You can also watch Wallman’s TED talk.
  • The Story Of Stuff – Annie Leonard
    A closer look at our stuff. How is it made? Where do the resources come from? How is it transported? And where does it go when we no longer want it? I found this book very educational. It’s also an animated documentary!


  • Demain
    Sustainability is heavy topic. Diving into it too deep can be a bit much for our mental health. If you’re in need of some positivity, this is the documentary for you! It’s filled with examples from around the world of people being the change.
  • Don’t look up
    This one is a fictional movie, but worth a look if you’re interested in sustainability. I made a post about it on Instagram. The movie is on Netflix.
  • The True Cost
    This is what fast fashion brands don’t want you to see: the true cost of their clothes. A story of pollution and exploitation. Link to YouTube.


  • E!Colle (Dutch)
    Veerle Colle and her brother Kristof talk about sustainability with a special guest. I’m in episode 45 (and I still can’t believe it). Link to Spotify.
  • Sustainababbels (Dutch)
    Podcast by Britt, who you may know as Sustainabrittly on Instagram. In every episode she interviews a sustainable entrepreneur. Link to Spotify.